Ford XT GT Falcon Vintage Burgundy


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Ford XT GT Falcon Vintage Burgundy

The launch of the XT GT in March 1968 kept the Aussie muscle car alive. The XT GT was made even more potent and attractive and was now available in a range of colours, a step up from the XR that was only offered in GT Gold.

New colours for the XT included, Springtime Yellow, GT Silver, Polar White, GT Gold, Candy Apple Red and Zircon Green Metallic. Only three XT GTs were produced in Vintage Burgundy. The XT interior was also only availiable in one colour, Black.

The Falcon XT was to be Ford’s answer to Holden’s two door coupe, the Monaro and the two would fight it out on the Bathurst race track for superiority.

The interior features authentic XT GT dash detail, steering wheel, full instrumentation and rubber seats.

The engine bay has an etched metal air filter, finely moulded  hoses, leads and tubing.

Code: 18679

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