1988 Sandown 500 2nd Place Holden VL Commodore Perkins/Hulme


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1988 Sandown 500 2nd Place Holden VL Commodore Perkins/Hulme

The debut of the Holden Vl Commodore SS Group A came from Garry Willmington at Oran Park’s Pepsi 250. But the car was severely underdone and the car retired after just 4 laps.

Two weeks later HSV debuted their new VL Commodore at the Enzed Sandown 500. Two cars were entered from the HSV team, number 10, driven by Larry Perkins, and Denny Hulme, with the number 11 car driven by Jeff Allam and Armin Hahne, both HSV cars were Perkins built. The HSV team had a promising start with both qualifying in the top 10.

The number 10 car was able lead in its debut debut race for 30 laps, before a slow pad change allowed Allan Moffat and Gregg Hansford in a Ford Sierra RS500 to build an unassailable lead. The Allam/Hahne paring failed to finish, retiring after 56 laps, while the Perkins/Hulme car finished the race in 2nd place.

  • Opening doors (4)
  • Opening bonnet
  • Highly detailer exterior
  • Highly detailed interior
  • Highly detailed engine bay
  • Highly detailed chassis

Code: 18796

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