FPV FG GT R-Spec – Vixen (Red) with Black Accents

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$240.00 + Postage

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FPV FG GT R-Spec – Vixen (Red) with Black Accents

The ‘R-Spec’ pack was introduced into the FPV range with the BF Mk2 model to give the already high performing an increase in handling and steering feel while not compromising road comfort. Running through the BF 40th Anniversay models plus the F67 Typhoon and the GT ‘Cobra’ the R-Spec package was highly popular with FPV owners and fans. With the release of the FG model Falcon, Ford again produced a limited edition R-Spec model in special colour and stripe combinations.

The hero colour was black with red accents and C stripe down both sides echoing the Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca model from the USA. The FG R-Spec was also produced
limited numbers in Kinetic Blue, Vixen, and Winter White.

Produced in sealed body resin with high details and immaculate finishing, this model will be a limited edition and comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Code: AR80610

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