Holden EH Utility Caltex Heritage Collection Ute No.6


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Holden EH Utility Caltex Heritage Collection Ute No.6 

The Caltex brand name started to be used in Australia in the 1940’s.

Caltex and Ampol opened refineries in the 1950’s and competed in the service station arena and oil product industry. In 1981 Caltex acquired Golden Fleece expanding their operations. In 1995 Caltex and rival Ampol combined to become the largest refiner-marketer in Australia.

The ‘Standard’ interior features the highly detailed steering wheel and instrument cluster. 

  • Opening Doors 
  • The smooth opening of the bonnet is aided by the metal hinges.
  • Working Suspension and Front Steering
  • Detailed 149cu in engine and surrounding bay.
  • Hinged tailgate can be opened, and features retaining cables
  • Limited Edition Produced
  • Comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity
  • Fantastic Quality, Detail – Inside and Out

Code: 18781

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 18 cm


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