Holden Hurricane Concept Car (1969)


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Holden Hurricane Concept Car

This is a sealed resin model with a highly-detailed interior.

One of Holden’s most iconic first ever concept cars – the 1969 Holden Hurricane.

Unveiled to shocked crowds at the 1969 Melbourne Motor Show, the Hurricane showcased some really futuristic features, some of which are no less impressive today. It’s fair to say that every older Aussie enthusiast will remember the stir this car caused around the country, with its hydraulic canopy, early form of GPS, digital instruments, rear view camera, climate-control air-conditioning and Holden’s new V8 mid-mounted, all wrapped up in a sensuous pearl orange metal flake fibreglass body standing just 39″ (990mm) high!
This model is modelled from CAD data supplied by Holden which was created during the restoration process that began in 2006 the Hurricane is presented in sealed resin with a highly-detailed interior. The large canopy windscreen gives collectors a great view of all of the interior details including the TV screen and detailed dashboard.
Code: AC8001

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